Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Raising money for Make-A-Wish again in 2007!

I will be once again riding in and photographing the Make-A-Wish Foundation (MAW) of Michigan - Wish-A-Mile 300 bike tour. Click HERE for a photo gallery from last years ride. Please, Please consider a donation by going right to my MAW website.

Even if you only kick in $5 by skipping Starbucks for a day every little bit helps and if enough people donate even that small amount I can reach my required $650 and then some very fast.

If you want more info on Make-A-Wish click HERE!

Then read this story about Maddie, who died last year from cancer, but was able to go to Disney World first because of Make-A-Wish. If the photo of her with Cinderella does not make you want to kick in a few bucks I don't know what will.

I know I am glad Make-A-Wish does what they do in case my kids ever got sick.

One last thing, I donate all my time and talent to this project and do not charge a fee at all.

Thank You!



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