Friday, May 16, 2008


AP photo

Some very powerful photographs from China's earthquake zone.
Go HERE for the MSNBC slide show.

CAUTION, some of these images are graphic.

Also powerful images on the week in pictures slide show.


OpenID mlavander said...

I feel sorry for the people of China...their government is so fucked up. As I cruised the countryside 1.5 months ago, I saw more cranes on construction projects than cars. I see these photos, the concrete has no steel reinforcement. As I suspected, they are throwing together a bunch of cheap ass buildings. I walked through brand new foundries with construction work that was done totally half-assed. Inspectors??? Maybe they are too busy testing my daughter's toys for lead content...maybe not, a quick glance at tells me so. I'm disgusted to support their products. Might be quitting my fancy bullshit engineering job when I get back from FL.

7:09 PM  

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