Sunday, October 26, 2008

The color of mountain biking

I love the fall here in Michigan, I love mountain biking and I love shooting both. Its just to bad I have not been able to enjoy much of any. I use to shoot quite a bit of cycling images, check out, and rode at least 6 times per week. That's just not possible right now. Also most of the mountain bike images I've shot were just for me, for fun. So I just had to get out to ride a little and shoot a little in the colorful Michigan forest of Maybury State Park. It was much to rushed but fun. Remember to shoot for fun whenever you can to stay fresh and not let the biz get you down. Click images to see them bigger.


Blogger ieatmodestmouse said...

i went mountain biking for my first time a couple weeks ago at mayberry! it was lots of fun!

5:22 PM  
Blogger Bryan Mitchell said...

AWESOME! We should ride sometime.
BTW, is the dress framed yet? :)

9:07 PM  
Blogger ieatmodestmouse said...

yeah, tony started getting into it this year and he conned me into going with him. but i really liked it!

the dress is still hanging in the closet! this is really funny: a guy in tony's speech class did a speech on the dequindre cut, and the photo he used for his presentation was a photo of me that you took during the shoot! tony was like "uh, that's my wife" hahahah totally random!

10:33 AM  

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