Monday, October 01, 2007


Well they play soccer rain or not and I was assigned to shoot it tonight. The two shots below were the best I got. Rusty on soccer and under-lensed for sure. I just can't justify spending the money on long glass when I really don't shot sports where I need it very often any more. I'd like to shoot more but don't so I make due. I'm not telling you something nobody knows but Nikon's high ISO sucks! But I wasn't getting the flash out in the rain. Another reason I will be slowly making the switch to Canon. There I said it I am jumping ship. I will post on this soon.

This would have been a nice shot but the camera quit firing. Well actually the next frame would have been nice with the ball but there is no next frame. I think the camera lost focus so didn't fire. Actually the shot is back focused on the guy sitting on the ground. Another Nikon problem is back focus in my opinion. Maybe it then tried grabbing the front guys and since I had is on "focus priority" the camera didn't fire. Almost.


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