Saturday, September 01, 2007


Wow what a crazy Friday night! I was working for the Det News last night and my first assignment was suppose to be a Snoop Dogg concert but that was cancelled because there wasn't a photo pass set up for a News photographer or something, I'm not sure. So I went to the Michigan State Fair to get some night shots which was my assignment tonight for them. I got there and was shooting, feeling like I was struggling to get some interesting shots. Also I must have looked creepy or something last night because three different times I tried to get the names of people I photographed and they said no. Anyway I get a call from the photo desk saying I needed to leave the fair and go to Pontiac for a battle of the band the News was sponsoring at the Arts, Beats and Eats festival. So sped up I-75 and got there in time for the last 2 or 3 bands and got the winner. I needed to transmit these photos to the photo desk before going to my midnight assignment at a bar in Detroit. But when I got in the car and could hear again I had a message from the reporter saying , "don't go to the bar its cancelled." So I got home, sent the band photos, everyone was happy and I got to bed earlier then I thought I would. I do still have to go back to the fair for more images tonight.

Horse show at the fair.

The packed midway at the fair.

Lead singer Matthew Kysia of the band Green Street who won the battle.

Green Street fans.

Almost a cool shot, I liked the hand up by the guitar. But I was to far with to short a lens held up and it was a little soft focus wise to submit to the paper, oh well, close.


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I love the motion in your first shot!!

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