Friday, May 30, 2008

"Free is Killing Me!," says Matt Brown.

"Me To!," says Bryan.

Read Matt Brown's story at, CLICK HERE.

" I've had, Wilson Sporting Goods Global Marketing, Fox Sports,, ABC, CBS, Fox,, Baseball America, college websites and yes, newspapers, magazines, all ask for FREE photos. Some are even willing to give me photo credit.

Wow! Give me photo credit for a photo I created! So these companies can take it and make money from a product I provided free. Yes, money. The bottom line here is money. Give me your photos for free and I can post them on their company website or run it in a publication... what a concept!" -Matt Brown

I know my stress level can get so bad over trying to make a living as a photographer my health is surly being affected. So this just might be killing me. I sometimes wish I had some other skill set to make ends meet, but I don't. I know photography and that's it. Oh and I can ride a mountain bike really well but not well enough for someone to pay me to do it. So I keep plugging along. Oh and I am always available for freelance work, but only if you will pay me!


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