Friday, October 31, 2008


Ok, so I wanted to top the jack-o-lantern in the fog images I shot last Halloween that I was real happy with and was even featured on Strobist, thanks David. (see the last image of this post) So anyway my family carved pumpkins Wednesday night because I teach a photo class on Thursday nights. So after the kids went to bed I went to work shooting. I had a bad headache, couldn’t really think of a good concept, my poverty wizards were acting up (I really need some pocket wizards just still not in the budget, long story. Or I really wish the Radio Popper Jr’s would get released.) Anyway I shot and shot. I never really got one were the fog was just right. Below are the five I like best but still don’t know if I like them as much as last year. Maybe because last year was my first time, which is always best! LOL! Today I came up with another idea I would try but the I had to go to Detroit to shoot Devils/Angels night patrol photos for the Detroit News. (see post below). Anyway if I am not too tired I might try again tonight after the kids go to bed.

Strobist info: First shot- Strobe fired through a hole in the back of the pumpkin (Canon 580) at full power and an alien bee 400 behind the pumpkin and fog with a grid on it at about ¼ power. Both triggered with EBay poverty wizards. The add fog from my cheap $20 fog machine from Target. Photos 2,3,4 - Same strobe fired through middle pumpkin, no back strobe. A SB-800 camera left for just a little fill. Again poverty Wizards. The other pumpkins are lit with candles. Photo 5 is just a strobe in the pumpkin at full power.

Last years photo.


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