Thursday, May 03, 2007

Cute Kids!

I had a photo assignment today for the Detroit News to photograph Sabrina and her 3 daughters Maryah (in green), Takyra and baby Shatyra at their home in Detroit. The girls were a little shy at first but warmed up fast. I have learned you need to earn kids trust real fast by kneeling down to their eye level, talking softly, saying funny or nice things to them and showing them their photo on the cameras LCD screen and then letting them take pictures which always makes them smile and giggle.The story was about the hospital and medical center closing were Sabrina’s doctor of 9 years works from. He just moved there from another location and will have to move again. Sabrina is worried he will move his office too far for her to get to since she doesn't have a working car and has to walk or take the bus or a cab when she has the money. The hospital and medical center closing will affect a bunch of people.I also walked the few city blocks with them to pick up Takyra from school. At one point I was walking behind Sabrina and Maryah was lagging behind me when she hurried up to me and went to grab my hand and I told her, “you can hold my hand,” and she did. So we walked hand in hand into Takyra classroom. It made my day! I guess having two little kids of my own has made me an old softy. They don't live in the nicest looking neighborhood with abandoned houses and half torn down buildings. It looks rough. It might be a tough place to be a kid, I don’t know for sure. But Sabrina still seems very positive and was all smiles which made her girls smile and I think her kids have a great mom. I hope everything turns out ok for her. So feel lucky for what you have and hug your kids more. I made sure to give my kids an extra big hug when I got home.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saw you down at MOCAD when you were shooting for Autoglow. I was there taking a few pics for my client. Ever since, I've come back to your blog every now and then. Great stuff. This story especially. Nice work all around. Take care. Brian G.

3:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a hard story. It's always amazing to see people that are happy, and ready to make the best of their life, no matter what situation they come from.

5:52 PM  

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