Wednesday, June 27, 2007


New York Times contract photographer Ashley Gilbertson writes about his experiences working in Iraq: STORY HERE.

The story gives some good insight into the hell in Iraq and what one photographer sees and feels. How dangerous it is for the military and photographers/reporters and how it can be hard with the restrictions to tell the real story of the hell.

From the story: "Fear turns into a fact of life in Iraq, and the threat of being killed or wounded is simply part of the territory. There’s really nothing you can do about it, so you learn to live with it. That said, Ghazaliya was scary. There was such a strong chance of being blown up or shot that even the American soldiers weren’t comfortable in their own JSS. Generally speaking, if the troops are cool, I’m cool—but when they worry, I freak out. The soldiers patrolling Ghazaliya acted as if every foot of road was going to detonate underneath them and every house was filled with insurgents waiting to attack."


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