Friday, June 01, 2007

Jack's Out

Jack Kevorkian was let out of prison today after 8 years. Here are a few photos from the past when I covered a court case involving Jack and the death of Thomas Hyde for the Novi News back in the early 90’s. Hyde had been diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis --Lou Gehrig's disease. Two months before meeting Kevorkian Hyde had typed a letter to Jack requesting his help. The disease was progressing fast. Hyde's mind would remain clear to the end, but ALS disease means its victims eventually will probably choke to death on their own saliva because of loss of control of muscles. Hyde already was suffering severe muscle cramps and losing the ability to speak. 34 days after this interview, Hyde became the 17th patient of Jacks. He died in the back of Kevorkian's van using an oxygen mask connected by tube to a tank of carbon monoxide.

He may be odd but I think Jack helped people who wanted to be helped on their own terms. I think you should be able to choose how you die over suffering any day!

Covering Jack was a circus but it got out his message and got the subject of assisted suicide talked about. Jack had a love/hate relationship with the media but would always talk when there were microphones around.

Geoffrey Fieger was Jack’s attorney back then. I always called it the Jack-n-Jeff show because in and outside of court it was like a show. You may not like Geoffrey but if I ever need a high profile attorney it would be him. He was amazing to watch in court as an attorney, actor, manipulator and politician.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great photos!

I also agree that a person dying, and suffering terrible pain should have a choice. I'm sure suicide assisted by a doctor, where you aren't alone, or afraid would be a lot easier than some of the other options that people may resort to.

Here's a thought, why is it that we can go to the vet, and choose when to put our pets "to sleep", but, when dying anyways, we can't choose when to seek help on putting ourselves "to sleep"?

2:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Because we're human beings and animals are animals. God gave man the "headship" over all the animals that He created.

God determines our death, and our sufferings, and our sufferings are meant to strengthen our faith in Him. The book of Job in the Bible is an excellent example of a man who suffered a great deal here on this earth.

I'm not trying to pick a fight... Just saying my thoughts as a free-speaking citizen of our country.

Your photos are great as always, Bryan.

5:10 PM  

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