Tuesday, October 02, 2007


The Thank You Calendar is a calendar designed for (and to raise money for) members of the armed services who are recovering from wounds sustained in the Iraq war. A couple of photographers did the calendar.

FROM THEIR WEBSITE: The Thank You Calendar was an idea with multiple sources of inspiration and is the combined creative efforts of many people. Jackie had already started her “Thank You” photos around the same time Rissa heard via the Catonsville Chamber of Commerce that soldiers at Walter Reed needed assistance getting simple items for themselves as they recovered, such as deodorant, gum or magazines.
Jackie and Rissa met via Ashley. Jackie’s project, as well as the news from the Chamber, inspired Rissa to find a way to make a large sum of money to donate to the soldiers at Walter Reed. From there the idea for the calendar was born. Nathaniel immediately came on board, and Ashley was eager to step in with her talents and make all the models look gorgeous. Each model was booked for her wholesome All-American look and donated her time for the shoot. Some were professional models, others were at their first photo shoot but each did fabulously and worked hard to make great pictures. The girls were then combined with Jackie’s “Thank You” project to make the calendar. The overall goal of the calendar project is to raise at least $10,000 by the end of 2007 for the veterans & soldiers recovering at Walter Reed Medical Center. Funds raised will be donated to Maryland For Our Military, a 501c based in Mt. Airy. This organization directly works with wounded soldiers and veterans at Walter Reed Medical Center. Some of the services they provide include flying families in for visits and providing comfort items to recovering soldiers.



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