Friday, December 07, 2007


I was pretty stressed out this week and never got around to posting anything so here are a few things from the week. I need to do a looking back shot again soon.

I shot high school hoops tonight.

Photographed these hop pellets at a microbrewery for a story on the worldwide shortage of hops to make beer.

Thursday I photographed Latifeh Sabbagh, here she gets a hug from her niece as they look at a book. Later that day she was flying to Saudi Arabia for Hajj, the traditional muslim pilgramage to the holy land of Mecca.

Did a some family portraits Thursday night.

I was editing wedding photos most of Tuesday and Wednesday. I like the two different emotions in these shots only seconds apart.

And of course a beautiful bride eating always makes a funny image.

Photographed kids and adults enjoying an ice rink on Monday.

Back to Sunday Rodney Atkins performing and my kids with Santa.


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I want your life. ha ha.

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