Friday, November 16, 2007


Well the big game is this weekend. Well it was bigger when OSU was undefeated and ranked #1 plus Michigan lost their first two games and they both lost last week. But its still big and will decide the Big 10 championship as usual. We sold our tickets this year and I have not shot a game in a long time. I did shoot the game in 1997 where I got the above photo of QB Brian Griese after the game. The fans stormed the field and this guy was jumping up on Griese to be in photos. Not a great photo but it has the QB, the fan, the score, the rose. But in the crazyness on the field trying to find the top players and all it works. I do remember being in the middle of all the fans and players on the field knowing if I tripped me and all my gear would be trampled. It was a little creepy. So the team was ranked #1, went to the Rose Bowl and were co-National Champions that year. I have not had the chance to shoot a lot of big events but I always liked it.


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