Monday, December 10, 2007


Ok so the image posted over the weekend I said I would explain was shot at the Shadow Bar in Hamtramck. It was a club feature assignment for the Detroit News. So its more fun and not as creepy as it looks. You can get spanked or whipped by a dominatrix, no I didn't. Its basically a cheap thrill for the guys. The News told me not to shoot it so I knew the wouldn't publish a photo of it, so I tried to shoot with the available creepy red light. Did really work. I wasn't really happy with what I shot that night. Also I couldn't decide which overall shot I liked. Which one below do you guys like? BTW, the shot I really wanted I didn't get. At one point in the night clouds of COs por down from the ceiling. See a video HERE. The problem is I picked the wrong spot to shoot from, I got caught up behind the bar photographing the bartenders then trying to run to my spot and it didn't last nearly as long as in the video. I was bummed out that I rally messed that shot up. It could have been cool.


Blogger Melissa said...

Hmmm, I don't LOVE any of these shots either. (you said negative or positive comments, right?!? lol)
BUT I would pick the last one as the one I like the best, because I think the guy in the middle is striking a funny pose, and it makes me laugh!

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