Saturday, January 12, 2008


Watch this VIDEO on the Detroit News site. Around minute 1:40 you will see me in the top right corner with my "hail mary" shooting style. :) (sorry Steve) Below is the photo from it. News gallery HERE.

People think its funny, non shooters anyway, when I do this. But all newspaper photogs do at some point and sometimes you get a decent shot. It just takes a little practice, know your gear, know when to use AF and when to turn it off. You could also put the camera on a mono-pod and shoot with a remote. Here is my favorite shot of the mayor, not great I just like it.

So auto show press week starts this weekend and I've lost track how many years for me now. At least 16. Covering the auto show always feels like the movie Groundhog Day", like it is always the same and I was just there. Its crowded, like in the photo above, with reporters trying to get the same quotes and photographers trying to get their shot. I always shoot a shoot a few crowd shots but will try to take more "behind the scenes" photos to post this year. Let the craziness begin. You will be able to see images I shoot for Getty Images HERE.


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