Sunday, December 23, 2007


Even though the business side of photography can get me down at times I still believe one of the best things about my job is the people I get to photograph.

Like the couple this weekend for a story running in the Detroit News on Christmas day about a soldier being home from Iraq for a couple weeks around Christmas.

This is the short story. Brian is stationed in Iraq and has been there since July. He will be there until July of 2008 except a scheduled 2 week r&r in January. Anyway his father-in-law died so his commander aloud Brian to take his 2 weeks early for the funeral and this also gave him the chance to be home for Christmas with his wife Susan.

The touching part of the story is this. Susan was talking to her dad a while back. He had Alzheimer's and some other health issues. So her dad says to her something like this will be the first time you will be alone for Christmas. And she said yes it will unless there was a death in the family or something like that. Her dad died soon after this conversation.

Susan feels this was her dads final Christmas present to her so Brian would be home for Christmas. The funeral was a little over a week ago.

Brian and Susan celebrated Christmas with her sister’s family last night and Brian is probably getting on a plane right now heading back to Iraq. He will return in July.

I feel privileged to have met and photographed Brian and Susan. Stay safe Brian and hang in there Susan he will be home soon! Check the Detroit News for the full story on Christmas.


Blogger iheartpamperedchef said...

Wonderful story. A Christmas Miracle, in a way. MERRY CHRISTMAS BRYAN!!! To you and you family!!

8:21 AM  
Blogger iheartpamperedchef said...

oop, i commented under the wrong blog... this is Melissa!!!

8:22 AM  

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