Sunday, April 20, 2008


Baseball has never been a sport I like to watch or shoot much. It takes patience and I get impatient. But it’s much nicer when you have the right lens to shoot with. I was able to borrow a Canon 400 2.8 (yes I am lucky!) so with the 1.6 ratio on my Canon 40D that game me a little over a 600mm lens. These are not the greatest baseball shots but it was so nice to have the pitcher fill the frame, throw the background way out of focus and be able to shoot things I would normally just watch because I was so underlensed. I think I will run right out and buy one Monday morning, NOT! No way in hell could I afford the price tag and I just don’t shoot enough sports to justify the cost. But I wouldn’t turn down donations! LOL!

Ouch! Getting hit in the knee by a pitch must hurt!

This is cropped quite a bit but will hold up in the newspaper or the web. See the full frame below. But I would never even try to shoot center field normally. It was fun usung this lens.


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