Wednesday, June 11, 2008


My four year old son loves race cars and really loves NASCAR, probably because of the Disney/Pixar movie Cars which we have watched mor etimes then I can count. Anyway the NASCAR race is in Michigan this weekend, no I'm not shooting it, and the #20 car was at a local Home Depot. I took some photos of him with the car and then him and I were playing around shooting photos while zooming which he thought was real cool. Then I played with the image in Photoshop just a little bit which he also thought was cool. My point is sometimes you just have to shoot a photo or photos for fun. Not for editors, not for publications, not even so it will be that good or that you would ever show anyone. Just for fun.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Roush Open House was Thursday, you need to check that out for your kid. NASCAR, sweet Mustangs, Roush Museum. Jack was there, my dad had one of his 1/24 Mark Martin models signed by him. Some of the drivers were there too. Next open house is 8/14.

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Blogger Bryan Mitchell said...

Ya, I took him to the Roush Open House last year and he loved it. We also went to MIS for practice last year which he loved. Couldn't make it to practice last week but plan to go in August. He is a little young for race day since it is such a long day. I've shot both NASCAR and INDY car at MIS a couple times and they are real long days.

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