Thursday, June 05, 2008


No I didn't shoot the game. But the wings in the finals was good for me because it meant photo assignments and needed work. The Detroit News sent me to St. Clair Shores as part of their photo coverage of game 6 last night that the Red Wings won.

I was at the home of Todd Richards who hosted a Red Wings party on the front lawn of his home. A tradition he started every time the Wings have been in the finals the last few years. He buys a big screen TV with money he raises selling raffle tickets to win the TV after the finals are over. Cool idea I though and a fun way to have family and friends watch the game. Their were about 40 people on his front lawn.

Todd in front of his home.

Looking Back: So I shot this image of Steve Yzerman hoisting the cup in the air when the Wings won back in 97. I was working with Reuters News Service as a film tech, yes remember film? I processed most of the film in a darkroom, ah bathroom, during the game. After the game they wanted all the main photographers and us two runners/techs in different locations around the arena to photograph the players with the cup. It was one of the big thrills of my photo career. I know several papers in Europe and Russia publish photos I had of Sergei Fedorov with the cup.


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