Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Ok so I am sitting here in McDonald's transmitting photos back to the Detroit News after shooting some election photos in the small town of Richmond, Michigan north of Detroit. I know, I know this food isn't good for you. But most McDonald's now have wi-fi and I'm to cheap to buy a high-speed data card and plan for my laptop. Besides I'm feeling under the weather, well actually I feel like crap, and when I don't feel good I crave fast food or junk food. Anything to comfort and try to feel a little better. But as a freelancer there is no calling in sick unless you are throwing up or in the hospital. As far as the photos go I got a couple usable images but after almost 20 years all elections look the same and its a challenge to get a different looking election photo. Plus I just wanted to get in, get a few shots, transmit and get home to bed so I didn't feel to creative tonight. Now I have about an hour drive home.

Not great but the main issue in Richmond for voters was three school millage proposals and Darrel, on the left, is a senior at Richmond High School and a first time voter.


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