Sunday, January 13, 2008


Help me escape! The auto show has sucked me in again! :) What a crazy day as usual. I have a few stories to tell but I need to get to bed to start all over again at 7:00 AM. So far things seem more crazy then in years past. I'm not super happy with what I shot but it will do. There just really isn't much time to think, you basically shoot each press conference on auto pilot. I also seem to be having an issue with one on my lenses. But I am grateful for the work though, I need it. I was hoping to shoot more behind the scenes stuff but no time.

Part of the press room.

Just a few of the other photogs.

Scrum of reporters around Rick Wagoner, chairman and CEO of General Motors .

Same things around Bill Ford Jr.

Waiting for Kia presser to start.

Probably one of the better shots I got today.

I liked this shot of a Saab.

This one worked ok.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice Escape bumper it a hybrid? Just left my hybrid job!

12:21 AM  

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