Friday, February 08, 2008


I shot the kid rock concert tonight and it was a challenge. First the light was bad. Second us photogs were in the pit but the stage went out into the crowd and Rock was out there most of the time so we got a ton of shots of his back. We got the first 3 songs to shoot but Rock was only out for 2. And I seemed to always have the wrong camera and lens at the wrong time and to slow of a shutter speed a few times so some shots were too soft.

So I did my edit at the Detroit News office and was not feeling good about the shoot at all. The shooting was a challenge, I felt off and I wasn’t use to the papers monitors that are a little darker then mine and the workflow system is a little different so I made myself feel rushed because of the deadline. Things just didn't seem to go right tonight.

But after I got home I looked through the photos again and although they were not the best the take was not nearly as bad as I felt about it and with what we had to work with I was able to make a couple interesting shots that are different then what you usually get at a show.

The second picture should probably be the one that runs in the paper but I missed it on my first edit at the News. When I saw it at home I sent the image in but I'm sure it was too late to make the deadline. They can use it on the web though. I like the first shot. It’s different but still has a rock star feel to it.

So I didn't have the best night shooting but it turned out I was also too hard on myself. And like Darrel the photo editor said, "We get another chance tomorrow!" Yes we do!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does that mean that you will be at tonight's concert, too??? Sorry, the tickets were already sold....

8:28 AM  
Blogger Melissa said...

Nice work!

9:39 AM  

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