Sunday, January 27, 2008


I was watching the X-Games last night, the snow-X final to be exact, and it made me think of the snow-X racing I photographed in 03-04-05. Anyway its a great sport to watch and shoot. The racers I got to know were great to hang out with, many families as well. Great bunch of people. I love racing of any kind and snow-X is very exciting and makes for some great images. Enjoy.

Zach Pattyn was racing the local Michigan races back in 2005 making a name for himself. He took 5th in the Xgames final last night. Nice job Zach!

The racers loved the jumping shots but I always tried to shoot something different as well.

Getting some air with style.

Back in 05 Blair Morgan was the man in the pros. Almost unbeatable. He didn't make the final last night. He was great to watch tear up a track.

The was a great, lucky, image I got one day.

I always arrived at the track before sunrise and on this day it paid off during practice runs.


Anonymous Allan said...

great shots Bryan!

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