Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Ok so I didn't keep posting everyday but will try harder. Please keep looking.

This was shot for the Detroit News to go with a story on the growing number or bars and restaurants in the metro Detroit area that do no allow smoking inside so smokers are sent outside. I like how this frame turned out and the fact I was able to shoot at 3200ASA and it looks nice. The Canon 4oD I got does this well. I could never shoot that high of an ASA with my Nikon D2X. Right now I shoot booth Nikon and Canon and might keep doing it for awhile. I here great things about the Nikon D3 and D300.

Shot this for the News over in Windsor, Ontario Canada. The story is about how bars and clubs are hurting for business with the weak US dollar and how its kind of a pain getting back across the boarder into the US nowadays. So people from Detroit are not going over to Windsor as much. The was a cool club but empty even at midnight when this was shot.

A portrait for the News. This couple is getting married on leapday at this punk rock bar in Detroit. Scott is in this bank called the Amino Acids. Check out this cool music video. The beginning is a little slow but keep watching. Its cool and creepy and done by a local 21 year old film maker.

Another story for the News. Kids returning to a different elementary school after a fire at theirs last week. These kids were hamming it up for me and the TV cameras.

DON'T TAKE MY PICTURE! Shot a baby portrait today. You have to work fast with babies and in short bursts to keep them happy.

Oh ya, wait till you guys see what I'm shooting Friday night.! :)


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