Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Ok so this post is a little late but every time I had a chance to post in the last few days I seemed to be having an issue with blogger. So I shot the Metro Times Hamtramck Blowout concert series again this past weekend, this time for the Detroit Free Press. Saw some good old Rock-n-Roll and a rock legend , Mitch Ryder. Also this weird but cool band/puppet show called The Gepetto Files. Check it out but view at your own risk. Not work friendly. For you strobist's out their can you tell which shots have off camera strobe used? When I used it the strobe was an off camera Vivtar 285HV with ebay triggers. I really need to get some pocket wizards but can't seem to come up with the extra Cash and I'm kind of holding out for the Radio Popper Jr's.

Oh ya, with all the music and nightlife assignments I've had the last year or so my kids wanted to be "rock stars" for some photos. So I set up a couple alien bees 400's and shot away, off camera of course. I just set the lights up quick to try and simulate concert lighting. No time for a backdrop to keep the clutter of my basement out so I made the lights quite hot do underexpose the background and then just burned down a couple of the areas I didn't have tome to gobo off.


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