Tuesday, April 22, 2008


These just keep cracking me up!

Looking for talented photographers to shot pictures in the city (Detroit, MI)

Dear All

Our young VIP is visiting Michigan in Mid May 2008. We are looking to hire 3-10 talented photographers to shot him in unique scenes in the city from 4pm till 7 pm (3 hours).

You must be talented, we want you to be quick and not to distract his visit, and preferably pictures from far, video professionals are welcome as well.

We want you to capture him in his car, walking, dinning, talking, looking a head, exactly how Hollywood photographers do with the celebrities, at the same time, please be professional, respectful and eager for great images.

Consider this as paid job interview, and we may hire you full time if we like your work or if you show us that you can join us in LA.

Be advised that we are this VIP office and all copyrights of the images you capture will belong to us ”Non-negotiable”.

Please e-mail for more information and we will direct you with the next steps.

Good luck

To bad they will find people to do it! A sucker born every minute!


Blogger Ziggidy Zap said...

If they are "professionals" then they need to learn how to spell and use correct grammar. Must be using too much text messaging.... :)

6:54 PM  

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