Tuesday, August 05, 2008


I just got home from a week long camping trip with my kids. I did some shooting while "Up North" as we say here in Michigan. A couple of my wife's cousins kids wanted their sr. portraits shot in the area we camp. The girls were easy to work with and the images came out nice. We crawled out of our tents half asleep about 5:00 AM to be on the beach along Lake Huron just as the sun came up for the shot above. The last shot of Ashley below was a fun grab shot in between poses. I used some off camera flash but also some fill with a white and gold reflector. Now I'm just going to try and catch up on emails, phone calls and a bunch of photoediting for a wedding I shot before I left, WAM photos and some for the City of Ann Arbor. Not much shooting this week but a bunch of computer time, Ugh!


Blogger Michael said...

Not too fond of the blue foot color in #3, flash light is too cool. Need to get a Stofen gold.

10:26 AM  

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