Sunday, August 17, 2008


I didn't shoot the Woodward Dream Cruise on Saturday but the Detroit News did have me shoot people Crusin' on Wednesday night. The only image they ended up publishing was the photo above, Fridays lead, front page photo. I'm not sure why none of the others were published or added to the web page photo gallery but you just never know in this biz. They knew a ton of photos would come out of the weekend from their staffers as well. Anyway these images are what I transmit ed to the paper.

I've also had a couple people ask about the photo above. Here are a few details.

I was in the median of Woodward at 13 mile in Royal Oak, Michigan.
This car turned right onto Woodward from 13 mile heading south and I knew some of the cars, including this one, might merge all the way over closer to me making a Michigan left on Woodward going north.
The exposure was 1/30th of a second at an aperture of f5.6. 17mm lens. Nikon D2X
This gave me a good exposure on the cool sky and a slower shutter speed, but not to slow, for panning and some motion blur.
Then I put a flash on the ground to my left about 15 feet or so away from me and pointed it toward the road and up about were the front end of a car would be.
I triggered that flash with the flash on my camera turned around pointing at the flash on the ground not out toward the road.
I panned as a few cars went by and liked this one the best. The sky behind the car is real cool but was cropped out of the version that ran in the paper.


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