Monday, September 08, 2008


What and awesome wedding! Beautiful couple, beautiful location and perfect weather! Weddings on the beach are the best. If you live on the west side if Michigan or in Chicago I highly recommend getting married along Lake Michigan.

They were fun to work with!

This shot was a horizontal but it worked better as a vertical and I like the loos of the image.

A cool idea. Lisa's mom makes candles and the made labels with a photo I shot of Lisa and Tony a couple months ago on another Lake Michigan beach. I thought they looked nice.

A funny sticker, made me laugh.

Wheres Bryan?


Blogger Michael said...

My sister got married on the beach in St. Joe, just south of my parent's beach. While I was on the beach being shot with the wedding party, I realized something was very wrong with the photog. With the sun low in the west sky, they were shooting us towards the west with no fill flash. As expected, the results were complete garbage. Dark faces, nice BG. Or, nice face exposure with a nuke going off in the BG.

Your shots look great. You need to look for business out there, great place to relocate.

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