Friday, September 19, 2008


Ok, so sometimes you take a chance, make a guess and many times it just doesn't work out, like the above shot. I was near the end zone line, on the side of the end zone and I always like to have a camera with a wide lens on it ready while shooting with a long lens when a team is in scoring position. From this angle I wanted a wide shot of the score, if it happened which it did, giving the shot a sense of place. I decided ahead of time I would shoot wide if the play came my way. Problem is I was still to slow in getting the camera with the wide lens up fast enough and I was too late and the first frame, above, is soft. But I would still do it again because when it works the shot can be a real nice different look from all the long lens shots. Go HERE to see the shot in the Free Press Kirt Dozier got of the play shot from the back of the end zone with a long lens. More from the game. Nothing super great tonight but they work ok. HERE is the gallery the News put up from tonights games.


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