Monday, September 29, 2008


I got a quick last minute call from the Detroit News asking if I could go shoot a few portraits for a story on local people reacting to the governments failed buyout and the economy in general. I was traveling light because I didn't have much time to shoot and transmit these before heading to Sterling Heights for a soccer game. So I carried my D300 and SB-800 strobe. I used the pop up flash on the 300 powered down 3 stops for some fill but mostly to trigger my SB-800 strobe off camera in manual at 1/64 power I think. Also had a LumiQuest mini-softbx on the SB-800. Nothing fancy but it just jazzes up the light for these "man on the street" environmental portraits. The strobe in the top image brightens the face some and the bottom two simulate window light.


Blogger Soupy said...

Great shots! *taking notes*

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