Friday, November 14, 2008


Oh Boy am I ticked off, at my camera but mostly myself.
I was shooting a high school football game tonight, Lake Orion VS Sterling Heights Stevenson. I didn't get much the first half, sent a few and shot the second half.
Stevenson made a great comeback and I did have a shot of the then winning TD, not great but it was the TD. Then Lake Orion kicks a game winning field goal as time ran out.
I was a little down field and slightly out of position as they were at about the 50 yard line and it looked like they might run another pass play on 4th down. Then the kicker ran out.
So I ran up field a little and got a good shooting position just before the ball was snapped and fired away. He made it and Lake Orion won 38-36. So I ran across the field to get some jubo pics. I wasn't getting much in the mob except a decent dejection photo of the other team. So I chimped on the camera with the kick photos to see what the number of the kicker was so I could find him celebrating.
WTF! The images were hot and soft! UGH! But I had to keep shooting. So I get them on the computer and notice the shutter speed was 1/160 when it should have been 1/500. All I can think of was I some how spun the dial when I ran to the new position, I have no idea how and didn't double check as I needed to shoot right away. I told the photo desk I blew it and was real mad at myself. They said, "it happens to everyone now and then." Well is still sucks! Oh, and I never found the kicker in the mob to get jubo of him. Did get the quarterback though.
After 20 years it still bugs me when this happens. I just need to keep telling myself, I get to do it all again tomorrow.

The only one not soft, sucks though.

A couple TD catches, like I said not much tonight.


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Great dejection shot though!

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