Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Ok, you might remember me talking about Gregg Gillis, AKA Girl Talk, back in May when I shot the Detroit Electronic Music Festival. Well I shot images of his show again tonight for the Detroit News and the craziness continues. People jammed in front of, on and all around the stage.
I wasn't sure how I would shoot this time but I called the venue ahead of time to see if they had an upper level with a view of the stage. They told me they did but that it was open to the public and I would still have to push through the crowd to get a clean view of the stage. I wanted to shoot from up high to show the crowd.
So I started from the side up high and shot from an area only certain people were aloud to go in so it was not to crowded there. I was not happy with what I was getting at all. So I move to the back of the club, still up high, to try and find a spot to shoot head on. I found one shooting over this real short girl. It was a nice shot but the light was real bad shooting at 1600 ISO with flash. So the light was not that great in those images. I shot a few at 3200 ISO with no flash wide open at F/2.8 at around 1/60 of a second. A couple turned out kind of cool.
But still wasn't happy with the shot. So I decided I would try to shoot from the stage. I walked back toward the stage, still up high, and went through a door that said employees only to see if I could get to the back of the stage from there. I could and no one stopped me. There were several other photographers down there as well.
So I'm on the stage no trying to decide which side to push my way through. I picked stage left and worked my way over. So now I'm standing there trying to decide if I want to push my way through the crowd with my cameras and risk getting pushed off the stage to get a close wide angle shot.
I finally said to myself, go or be done with it and so I started pushing my way though. A couple people saw the camera and tried to make room for me. so I made it to a decent spot and made a few ok wide shots. It paid off and I'm glad I took on the crowd.
So now I had several different vantage points of the show that I felt showed what is was like fairly well and the best are posted here. Let me know what you think. Like I always say though pushing the button and taking the photo is the easy part. Its everything else that can be tough. Well its 2:30 AM, my images have been sent to the paper and I've posted this. I need some sleep! Oh, the top photo is from up high on the side of the stage. He is down there somewhere.

On the stage next to him after pushing through the crowd.

Up high from the back. 3200 ISO - f/2.8 at 1/60

From the back 1600 ISO with flash.


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