Thursday, January 08, 2009


I shot high school hockey last night. After driving for 1 1/2 hours to get there because of icy roads and worrying about making deadline I think I got some average picture of an average game. I was tired, frazzled and stressed out from the drive and not feeling quite on. And even though the images are not award winners and I didn't quite feel like shooting I still need to come away with a few images that are worth putting in the paper. Another reason newspaper photography or any photography for that matter is about so much more then just taking a picture. I hope to write more about this and other topics this year. Its just I never seem to find, ah well make, the time and am usually tired. I'm not the greatest writer either. The above photo would have been my favorite if it was a vertical and you could see the puck. Close but not quite. Didn't send it to the paper.

This kid scored a goal and its always nice to get those.

Always nice to have a goalie making a save.

A safe shot of some action battling for the puck. Unless its a feature on the kid I never turn in a photo of a lone player. Doesn't show the competition. Which one did the paper run? Which one would you run?


Blogger polska213 said...

Hi Bryan,
In my humble opinion, I would choose the one of the goalie blocking the shot. It is a good action shot, and you can see the team name on the jersey.
That said, I really like the first shot that you did not. It is also a great action shot, and the expression of the woman watching is priceless.
Great work! I especially like the concert pictures at Movement(?).

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