Friday, December 19, 2008


It snowed a good 8 inches plus around here today. I wanted to go out and shoot but I really needed to get some slide show work done. The I had a portrait assignment for the News so I left early to see if I could make some interesting snow day photos. Becaseu if I sent them anything and they used it I could bill them for the use. I shot a few from inside my truck but wasn't finding anything really different that inspired me to shoot. Yes I saw people plowing and shoveling, people stuck in snowdrifts and the like. But nothing really different. I guess I really didn't feel like talking with anyone today to get ID's and such either. In reality I would have been shooting just for the money. I'm looking forward to taking a few days off during Christmas to play with my kids and re-charge my batteries. I'm going to try real hard to not even turn the computer on for a few days.

So anyway after the assignment I took my kids sledding. I still wanted to shoot somewthing for paper but made a few images of my kids instead. We will go sledding again in the morning and I think I might even leave the camera at home.


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