Thursday, December 04, 2008


Off camera lighting, strobe or other source, can really jazz up your images. Sometimes it’s subtle like in this shot but almost always better depending on the subject and mood you want in your images. It’s no surprise I’m a fan of the Strobist blog. I have always done many of the same lighting techniques discussed their however over the years I became lazy at times and that blog help motivate me to play with light and make it better once again.

So in this shot it’s just a strobe to camera left with a shoot through umbrella to simulate window light because the actual window light was not bright enough. Then I have a bare strobe behind the subject and camera right as a very little rim light and then a diffused strobe camera right for a very little fill in the shadows.

Want to learn more if you live in SE Michigan. I teach a basic photo class for Continuing education at Schoolcraft College and am in the process of proposing an advanced photo class that will be about flash and lighting and more specifically off camera lighting. I have also had several past students ask if I would be willing to do one day workshops and I am considering doing a few in 2009. If interested in either shoot me an email with your email and I will put you on a contact list.


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