Saturday, January 10, 2009


So I went out to get some snow weather feature shots for the Detroit News today. I like doing this but I'm never really happy with what I get. I'm always looking for something different, that real killer shot! Maybe its because I've shot so many snow features over 20 years I'm just real picky now, actually I am. I drive on by things I maybe should shoot looking for better and then before you know it I've been our for an hour and have not a thing to show for it. Then I feel like I "have" to get something soon to meet deadline and have to rush. Same today but I had to shoot something to send and they are not awful, just average and not real exciting. And I always end up shooting a few images while driving. I do it way to much but I like the point of view look they give of driving in the snow. Oh, I did meet this real cool old guy I think I would like to go back and shoot a cool portrait of someday when I have time. Oh well, you can't hit a home run every time but I really want to. Especially when my creative mind had been real tired as of late. Oh ya, thats me above waiting for a xc skier to go by.

Driving in the snow.

The freeways were snow covered and slow.

Cool dog. Would have liked to try for more but needed to send photos. This isn't the one I sent them.

The skier I was waiting for.

The old guy.

Have to get kids sledding! :)

More driving.


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