Saturday, October 13, 2007


Wow! Friday was the busiest newspaper shooting day I've had in a long time. I had four assignments for the Detroit News and it reminded me of when I was shooting as a staffer.

I ended the night shooting monsters at a haunted house in Ypsilanti. The shot below was the one I turned in because of more light on the face of the clown, I hate clowns! They are creepy!

I think the shot below is a little creepier but doesn't read as well. I didn't have a bunch of time to set up a shot as they were holding up people going through so I could get a couple shots off. Thanks Mike!

I got a nice shot of people getting scared. These are always a crap shot because you can't really see what you are doing in the dark and there is usually a ton of fog in these haunted houses. I would post more on how to get these shots but I have to get ready to go shoot a wedding. Maybe another time.

Before the haunted house I was at UofM men's basketball practice. I forgot how bad the light is at Crisler Arena. They said we were only going to be able to shoot for 45 minutes but they let us stay over an hour which I needed. I didn't fell good about what I shot while shooting but when editing and transmitting from a Caribou Coffee shop I did better then I thought.

Shot and ok portrait earlier in the day.

And I started off my day shooting a bakery making cupcakes, yum!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is one scary clown!

The light is beautiful in the photo of the chef.

3:23 PM  
Blogger Bryan Mitchell said...

Yes it is!
I hate clowns, they creep me out.
Thanks for the kind words on the chef photo. - Bryan

3:27 PM  

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