Saturday, November 10, 2007


Photographed the Neil Young show at the Fox Theater in Detroit tonight for the News. We got to shoot 2 songs but it was Neil Young so that was much longer then 3 or 4 songs for any other performer. The problem is it was an acoustic set so you couldn't get anything much different then a close shot and a medium shot. Just watch for facial expressions but he had his eyes down most of the time. I could have gone back for the second set with the band for 2 more songs but would have had to wait an 1 1/2 hours outside and I am still sick and wanted to get home. Not a big Neil Young fan but its always cool to listen to just a guy and his guitar play.


Blogger Melissa said...

That is a bad ass shot with all the guitars around him. I don't even think I know who Neil Young is, LOL

11:02 AM  

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