Wednesday, November 07, 2007


I photographed Mary and Jeremy tonight for their "save the date" cards they will send out for the holidays for their upcoming wedding next July. They wanted their dog Snickers, who they rescued, in the photos with them. Cool idea. So we shot a few portraits of the three of them at their house. Then we went to the parking structure in Royal Oak to try and get something different. They were on a time crunch so there wasn't much time to shoot but I like how the above photo came out. Kind of like snickers is their bodyguard. I shot the below photo real quick for fun and think I would like to shoot at this location again and work this shot some more.
I also still feel like crud so a quick shoot tonight was good for me as well. Oh BTW the photos were shot with available light in the parking structure. I didn't feel like getting the strobes out and I liked the mood. Shot at 1600 ISO. I am really loving this Canon 40D and look forward to switching over all the way.


Blogger DC Discombobulated said...

Bryan... love your site and have been lurking (and noting advice) for a couple months now. I am currently using an XT and am thinking about buying a 40D for myself for Christmas.

Could you please email me (if you have a few moments) and give me some of the pros and cons about the 40D. I know the pros but not so much the cons... and i would love your input. Thanks in advance.


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