Sunday, January 11, 2009


Its auto show time again. I've lost track of how many years I've covered the Detroit Auto Show, at least 16 or 17. I tell people its like the movie Groundhog Day because its like I was just there even though its been a year. The glitz is definitely low this year, which was expected with the tough times the car makers are having. Reporters definitely want to talk with Bill Ford, he is in the middle of the scrum in the above photo. I didn't really have time for any behind-the-scenes shots or more artsy shots today. I will try Monday though since I only have 3 press conferences to do. I'll try to show you the media room and a couple overall shots. Maybe the Lamborghini girls if you're lucky! :) If you are an editor you can license images I shoot at Getty Images, click here.

I often wonder what Bill Ford is really thinking at a time like this.

Lots of photogs, but not as many as the last couple of years.


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