Monday, January 19, 2009


A horror show? No, well maybe for some. Yes it was screaming girls but for the boy band The Jonas Brothers. I shot the show last night for the Detroit News, (gallery, write up), and I'm glad I wear ear plugs to shows now. And this time it wasn't for the loud music but the ear piercing, VERY high pitched screaming girls. Is this what it was like for Elvis? Last January Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus was in town. I didn't shoot that show but remember talking with another photographer who did and he was telling me how it was the loudest concert hey had ever been to. Come on, louder then AC-DC, Metallica, Dio? "Yes", he said. "The screaming!" So I popped one of my ear plugs out for a few seconds and I couldn't believe how loud and high pitched it was, insane! How could these guys not have a huge ego?
Anyway the light wasn't the best and I would have liked a better shot of all three of them. Also I wish I would have focused more on the fans and came away with better shots of them. I would have liked those better as well as the editors. But I also know fans want to see the boys in the paper not other fans. I didn't feel like I was getting enough good shots for a photo gallery so I had to change my original plan of shooting photos of fans during the third song. Yes those who want to be in the pit shooting photos up close you get 3 songs and then you are escorted out. I hope I don't have to take my daughter to see her favorite boy band but I'm sure I will. Except she doesn't like loud noise! (Please remember all photos are copyrighted and may not be used without permission from me and the band. PLEASE do not post them anywhere else on the web. I do check on this.)

I don't know if this was a dad or arena security but I liked the shot.

Probably my favorite shot of the night.

The best I got of all three.

This one was just for the Joe Jonas fans.


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