Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Yes they are getting older but Metallica still rocks. The put on a big show, they look like they are having a blast and they look like rock stars. How they look on stage is why every guy out their has wanted to be a rock star at some point in his life. It was challenging to shoot because the stage was in the round and they moved all over the place with constantly changing light. The whole first song was lit by lasers, which I was able to make one cool shoot. And we only got our usual 3 songs. I was real concerned with what I was getting and I way overshot. But it paid off and I was real happy with my take. It was a good night. The only bummer was I had to leave after the 3 songs because of the cameras and I was on deadline. This is the one show I would have liked to watched the rest of as a music fan.Go HERE for bigger images. (Please remember all photos are copyrighted and may not be used without permission.) Adam Graham's, of the Detroit News who I shot the show for, review of the show is HERE, and a gallery of my photos. Same photos that are on my gallery, actually mine has a few more.


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Awesome shots! My friends and I are the 3 dudes in the front of your photo of fans that was used with the Detroit News review of the show. Good stuff!

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