Monday, July 30, 2007


What a great ride for a great cause!

More photos HERE, More to come.

My random thoughts and memories of WAM 2007, (just a few of many!)

  • My wife and kids at the finish line
  • My kids running up screaming “daddy!” to give me a big hug
  • I felt much better physically this year
  • Getting up before the sun is up
  • Watching the sunrise up of the trees and cornfields while riding a bike
  • Riding with and photographing Kevin early Sunday morning
  • Kevin saying he wants to “Just Ride” it helps you forget about everything else
  • This made me smile because I feel the same way
  • Getting to see Kevin finish on Sunday
  • The nice photos I captured
  • The photos I missed. (I can’t shoot it all unfortunately)
  • Riding with Scott and Steve
  • Riding with Chris and Karen to the finish, I’m glad I waited for you!
  • Riding in Team Blizzards group of 30. They are to good to me
  • Pulling for team Blizzard. I felt like I helped work some this year
  • Ripping my legs off chasing team Blizzard after photographing them (It took 4-5 miles and hurt but was worth it)
  • Rudy’s girlfriend taking pictures of us from a helicopter
  • I felt bad for the people and the dog when we saw it under a car after being hit, glad it wasn’t a rider
  • Sudan and Cindy’s Smiles
  • Talking with Derrick, who started it all
  • Kevin getting his award
  • Feeling gratefully and surprised at the gift Make-A-Wish gave me Thursday night
  • People telling me how they enjoy my photography and the support I get
  • People thinking I was nuts for riding with one hand and holding the camera in the other taking picture while riding.
  • The trackstand I did at one stop sign, it was luck ladies J
  • Riding in a group of 50 plus at one point during the trip
  • The hum of tires
  • Shadows on the cornstalks
  • Riding alone with no one else in sight
  • Less climbing
  • Not as hot this year!
  • Wanting to be done
  • Not wanting it to end
  • Sad that it was over

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Ok everyone the Make-A-Wish Wish A Mile 300 bike tour starts Friday! I will be leaving early Thursday morning to catch a bus to Traverse City and then the ride starts Friday morning. A cool thing this year. You can see steaming live video of the start each day, the awards Saturday night and the Heroes Hurrah finish on Sunday.

Go here:

Or here and click the video link.

Also when there isn’t a live feed that will be showing video shot the day before and running slide shows with some of the photos I shoot.
I also hope to be bloging about the ride at the end of each day.

You can still donate here!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Press Conference

Shooting a press conference is always weird. Everyone is there hoping to get the "scoop" or the real story and as a photographer you need to get a shot of the players involved but at the same time trying to get an interesting or storytelling photo.

Eastern Michigan University Board of Regents Chairman Thomas Sidlik listens to a reporters question during a press conference July 16, 2007 about the firing of President John Fallon. The firing followed an independent and a federal investigation that found EMU violated federal law when it covered up the December 2006 rape and murder of a student in her dorm room by telling the community that no foul play was suspected.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I photographed Audrey for her senior pictures. It was a fun photoshoot, but hot. Temps in the 90's with very high humidity. She is really laid back and it was a fun photoshoot. I think her mom and dad got a kick out of watching the shoot progress even when I worked a little slow. And they fed me pizza! Yum! Thanks to the Winters Family. These are a few of my favorites.