Monday, April 30, 2007

Cool Project

This is Alan, a very cool and very tough kid. I met him today because I am working on and off all week with the Make-A-Wish Foundatiuon of Michigan on their 5,000th wish granted. Alan's wish was to have his own log cabin/tree fort in his backyard. So I am photographing the construction of it. This thing is going to be nice with custom cut and hand stripped logs. Check out the drawing. I will post the final construction later this week.

Gota Go!

A bride who has to pee always makes a great photo. The less glamorous side of being a princess for the day. She had a little stage fright with us, ah well me taking photos but she really had to go. It is great that people give me access to their life for a day to capture real, non-staged images. Makes my job easier. Photo gallery.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Best and worst

This is one of the best and worst photos you will ever see:
I should have linked to it a long, long time ago, but am now.
It is a great photo from a photojournalists point of view but so hard to look at. Maybe its enhanced because of have 2 little kids of my own but I can't look at the photo without getting chills and tears in my eyes. With everything wrong with this war I always think about the kids and how unlucky they are to live in hell and how they did nothing wrong to be there.
But this is why its such a great photo. Because its hard to look at and many people won't because it ruins their nice cushy day! This photo says so much!

Being a photographer

One Hundred Things Completely Right About Our Job

And BTW, you really should check out chips work:

A few I really relate to although they all are good.
1. We could be sitting in a cubicle right now processing paperwork....for the rest of our lives.
2. Seeing something that noone else sees.
23. Lying awake at night thinking of new story ideas and waking up the next morning and forgetting them.
34. A bad day making pictures is still better then a good day swinging a hammer.
36. Making a bride cry.
40. Everytime you tell someone what you do, they NEVER say "Oh, man, that must suck."
44. Chicken salad.
51. Having an excuse to approach a complete stranger and find out who they are.
60. Shooting a photo just for yourself.
64. It takes one picture to say what a 30 inch story can, and it translates into every language imaginable.
66. Arriving at spot news and not being hassled.
67. Secretly despising college photographers who make you look like a chump because they are THAT good.
69. Knowing that your photo made a difference in someone's life.
85. Leaving the suit and tie on a hanger in the back of a closet.
94. Realizing that that picture you thought was out-of-focus is actually newspaper sharp.
100. When all is said and done, getting paid to take pictures all day - what really could be better?

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Bike Art at Back Alley Bikes

I finally made a trip down to Back Alley Bikes in Detroit tonight. Back Alley Bikes is a not-for-profit community bike shop in Detroit's Cass Corridor. They offer programs for anyone to be able and get a free bike or buy a bike for as little as $25. The also teach people how to fix bikes. I have been meaning to go and donate a bunch of bike parts and things like helmets that I have been collecting. When I got there and the volunteers and people working on bikes saw I had boxes full of stuff it was like Christmas. I also hung around for awhile to shoot photos. I plan to donate those to their website. It’s a real cool place for photography and just to hang out and be around bikes and people who really love all kinds of bikes. The photo is of Sarah and some of her "Bike Art" She takes old bike part and makes things out of them. She also teaches classes on how to make bike art to anyone who wants to stop in on Wednesdays–Bryan

Monday, April 16, 2007

weekend shooting

After shooting Iggy on Friday night I shot a couple clubs/bars for the news on Saturday night. One or two of the editors like they way I shoot clubs so I get quite a few. I like doing them but it is tough when I'm dozing off in front of the TV and around 10 or 11 PM my wife is nudging me saying,"Don't you have to go shot a club?" Man I'm getting old!

Martini Sampler at 336 Main in Plymouth.

Firebreathing bartender at NOMI in downtown Northville.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Iggy Rocks Detroit!

I photographed Iggy Pop and the Stooges at the fox theater in downtown Detroit last night for the Detroit News. A few of us photographers got the usual 3 songs to shoot but with Iggy that gave us plenty of great photo ops. But as usual no flash which would have helped the poor lighting. However I would not have got the shot above, which is my favorite of the night, with the lighting it has if a flash was on. The shot I'm bummed wasn't better because of poor lighting was when he dove over me into the crowd. I got crushed so it was keep shooting even without looking and hope for the best.

Above stage dive and getting pulled back on stage.

I liked this image as well.

I got lucky with the light when some concert goers flash went off on their point-n-shoot camera.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Cool photography ad

Friday, April 06, 2007

Dave Hill - AMAZING!

I should have posted a like to thise fuys site a long time ago. His photography, lighting and Photoshop skills are AWESOME! Also check out his behind the scenes stuff!
Dave Hill Photography!
Check it out now.

Thursday, April 05, 2007


OK as you can see I have changed the title and direction of this blog. I just have not been shooting on a daily basis so I decided to change things up a bit. I will still post photos often but will also talk about the process of making nice photos, behind the scenes Tid-bits, thoughts, tips and ideas. Most will be short and sweet, just moments, like the photographs. So stay tuned.
Oh and here is a photo.
I was going through wedding photos from last year and this one caght my eye again. I couldn't get out of the limo fast enough and the bride jumped up on this wall and had the wind blowing her all around. So I just shot through the window hoping she would still be doing it when I got out, she wasn't. Oh and you can see the flash is still on fromwhen she was in the car. Oh well, this is an almost good shot.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Ouch!While trying to catch a fly ball this high school softball player lost the ball looking into the sun and it hit her in the face. She was beeding quite a bit from the nose but walked off on her own.
I shot a Palm Sunday mass for the Detroit News.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

They stole my eggs!

My son Max was all upset that by the time he got out in the field to get Easter Eggs most of them were gone. He was happy once he turned his eggs in for a treat bag with candy!