Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A story about me in the Detroit Free Press

The Detroit Free Press did a story on me riding in the Make-A-Wish, Wish-A-Mile 300 bike tour and fundraiser. The team got a short little plug as well. -Bryan
See the story HERE!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Fallen

I photographed George and Sue for the Detroit News and the photo will run on Memorial Day. I have a lot on my mind about the war and our soldiers dying and all the innocent kids being injured and killed. All I can say right now is be glad your kids were born in America and be glad there are brave men, and in many cases kids, willing to volunteer their service in the military.

George and Sue Hill with a photo of their grandson, who they raised as their own son, Marine Reserve Pfc. Tarryl Hill looking out the window where a Fallen Star Flag hangs May 25, 2007 in their Shelby Township home. Tarryl was killed by sniperfire while serving in Iraq. He was only 19.

George told me this great story. They are actually his grandparents but have raised him as their own son since he was 4 months old. When Tarryl graduated from boot camp they had two t-shirts that said "My grandson is a Marine." Tarryl grabbed them, took the shirts back and got two shirts that said "My son is a Marine." You could tell this made George very proud. Thanks to the Hill’s for allowing me to photograph them and sharing with me. These stories need to be told so faces are put to the numbers and stats.

Photo I Like

I was finishing up a wedding slide show this week and I keep coming back to this photo. Not sure why, I just like is.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Granny Georgie

I met Georgie today in Lake Orion at a press conference I was shooting for the Detroit News. Gordon Dibler Jr. was thanking everyone for their support during the press conference at the Orion Veterans Memorial in Lake Orion. See his stepson, U.S. Army Pvt. Byron Fouty, is one of the missing soldiers being looked for 24/7 in Iraq right now. I was standing around watching the family and looking for hugs or whatnot to photograph. Georgie was walking toward me and looked like she wanted to talk. Sometimes at these events or other news events people want to be left alone and not bothered by reporters or photographers. I don’t blame them, especially with TV crews around. (That’s a whole other story for another day) But sometimes you can tell they want to talk. They want to tell what they know, or get something off their chest or just let others know what’s on their mind. As she walked toward me I simply asked her, “How are you?” She basically said hanging in their best I can. She is a close friend of the family and has babysat for all the kids at one point or another including Pvt. Fouty. All the kids called her “Granny Georgie”. We chatted for awhile and borth went our way. What a sweet lady. She told me I had a nice smile and someone should take my picture. She also said it must be hard to photograph people sometimes and I said yes is can be and she understood. Meeting people like this even if for only a moment that you will never see again is one of the best things about my job! Keep that hope alive Georgie!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Ghost Hunters

I hung out with a group of people last night who like to look for ghost and spirit activity. We were at an old cemetary in Redford, Michigan. I've never really decided if I believe in ghosts or not. I think their are soals and spirts I just don't know if they hang around or haunt things. But they really get into it and have fun with their hobby. The story photos and video should be on the Detroit News website on Thursday. www.detnews.com

Neva Magusin of Trenton, left, takes a flash photo to try and capture "orbs" as Dawn Kesterson of Wyandotte takes temperature readings at the old Redford Cemetery, formerly known as the Bell Branch Cemetery, May 22, 2007 while searching for signs of ghost and spirit activity.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Day in Court

I was shooting in court all morning for the Detroit News. This is the caption that went with the above photo. It has been a long time since I have shot in court. The prelim Exam was to continue on this afternoon and on Thursday but I got waht I needed and the photo desk said not to go back.

FARMINGTON HILLS, MI - MAY 16: Roger Sweet, left, and his attorney Jerome Sabbota glance at autopsy photographs that were submitted as evidence by the prosecution during a preliminary examination May 16, 2007 at the 47th District Courthouse in Farmington Hills. Sweet is facing charges for allegedly killing his first wife back in 1990.

Sweets 2nd wife disappeared back in January of this year and during the investigation it seems police found her diary and that had them look into the death of his first wife 16 years ago. Shooting in court was never my favorite. It’s a lot of waiting, judges sometimes get mad at the camera clicks, people are charged up and many don’t really want to be photographed. I don’t really blame them. But it can also be interesting and like many things I have shot over the years as a photojournalist you get to see and do things many people don’t and you meet a lot of many different people. In court regardless of who is guilty or not guilty, telling the truth or lying you learn a lot about the people involved. All the skeletons seem to come out of the closet. Not really when people want to be photographed. It does feel weird at times especially when they stare into the camera lens. It’s also kind of like watching a play or TV show because it can be emotional and there is always some acting going on. Its just part of the show, I mean proceedings. Attorneys doing there job can really pick apart a witness because most people know nothing about how court works and are nervous. Court can be very confusing for most people. The attorneys are many times trying to catch a witness in a lie or just make them look dumb and unbelievable. I hope I never have to be a witness in a court case, its intimidating.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Berts Warehouse

Wow what a crazy week. I feel like it was crazy busy but that I still didn't get anything done. I shot a couple clubs last night for the news. This photo is of Case performing at Berts Warehouse in the Eastern Market area of Detroit. The stuff I sent to the paper showed his face but I liked this for some reason. Oh and the ladies below were funny. "get the boobs!" Paula on the right said laughing.
Oh and I shot the Whalers and Wolves again Friday in Game five of the OHL finlas. The Whalers won in OT. I got the winning goal (below). Not a great shot but it was the winning goal. Like I said before great hockey shots have some luck involved.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Hello out there?

I'm wondering how many people check out my blog and who you are?
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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Tree Fort Day 6 - Almost Done

Pink Whales?

Best goal photo I got.

I covered game 2 of the OHL Finals today focusing on the Sudbury Wolves gain for a paper in Canada. They won 7-3 and I didn’t get a real good shot of even one of the Wolves 7 goals. A couple ok shots but I always seemed to get blocked out by a player, couldn’t see the puck or the shooter was just out of the frame. That’s the way it goes shooting hockey sometimes. It just gets real crowded in front of the net and many times you need luck on your side to have a real nice image.
Nice action in front of the net and nice save for no goal.

Before that I shot the UofM VS MSU girls softball. They were all wearing pink jerseys today for Strike Out Breast Cancer Weekend. I didn’t have much time to shoot as the game was at 1:00 PM and then hockey was at 3:00 PM. So I arrived early to shoot warm-ups and the about 15 minutes of the game only getting the starting pitchers. Then it was off to Panera Bread for some lunch and to edit and transmit photos back to the Detroit News photo desk. I’m so glad Panera has free wi-fi and great food! Then off to the hockey game and home to transmit those photos. Later-B

Saturday, May 05, 2007

OHL Hockey Finals

I got a call from a newspaper in Ontario Canada called Northern Life looking for a photographer to cover the Sudbury Wolves (from Canada) in the Ontario Hockey League Finals VS the Plymouth (Michigan) Whalers. Luckily the arena is only 5 miles from my house. Game one was last night and I'm a little rusty shooting hockey but managed a few ok images. Oh the Whalers won 4-1 with game 2 on Sunday.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Tree Fort Day 4 and 5

I was swamped on thursday and couldn't post. And today I only shot for an hour but the tree fort is almost done! I will head out their Sat morning to check it out. Alan loves it already.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Tree Fort Day-3

Well the 2nd level went up on Wednesday. Today is a "media" day open house to get some press coverage. It will be weird as a journalist photographing other journalists covering the story.

Cute Kids!

I had a photo assignment today for the Detroit News to photograph Sabrina and her 3 daughters Maryah (in green), Takyra and baby Shatyra at their home in Detroit. The girls were a little shy at first but warmed up fast. I have learned you need to earn kids trust real fast by kneeling down to their eye level, talking softly, saying funny or nice things to them and showing them their photo on the cameras LCD screen and then letting them take pictures which always makes them smile and giggle.The story was about the hospital and medical center closing were Sabrina’s doctor of 9 years works from. He just moved there from another location and will have to move again. Sabrina is worried he will move his office too far for her to get to since she doesn't have a working car and has to walk or take the bus or a cab when she has the money. The hospital and medical center closing will affect a bunch of people.I also walked the few city blocks with them to pick up Takyra from school. At one point I was walking behind Sabrina and Maryah was lagging behind me when she hurried up to me and went to grab my hand and I told her, “you can hold my hand,” and she did. So we walked hand in hand into Takyra classroom. It made my day! I guess having two little kids of my own has made me an old softy. They don't live in the nicest looking neighborhood with abandoned houses and half torn down buildings. It looks rough. It might be a tough place to be a kid, I don’t know for sure. But Sabrina still seems very positive and was all smiles which made her girls smile and I think her kids have a great mom. I hope everything turns out ok for her. So feel lucky for what you have and hug your kids more. I made sure to give my kids an extra big hug when I got home.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Tree Fort - Day 2

The tree fort for Alan is coming along well! This thing is sweet! Its a real log cabin not just siding. Wed they will be working on the upstairs and one of the local TV stations should be out there which I hope means Alan will be on TV. That is always a big thrill for a kid! The photos are of Alan by the fort and one of his dad Al working on the fort.